Filet Mignon Platter $195 per platter (Market Permitting)

Choice Cut Tenderloin of Beef, Seared with Teriyaki & Fresh Garlic,

Slow Roasted to Perfection, Sliced & Garnished withFresh Raw Vegetables,

served with a Delicious Horseradish Sauce

Grilled Chicken & Vegetables $120

Tender Breast of Chicken, Seared with Garlic  & Dry Seasonings,

served with Grilled Vegetables & Finished with a Tasty Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

Honey Glazed Smoked Ham $100

Sweet Smoked Lean Ham, Slowly Roasted with a Homemade Honey Mustard Glaze,

Thinly Sliced & Expertly Arranged & Garnished with Sliced Pineapples & Maraschino Cherries

Fresh Roasted Turkey $125

Sliced & Neatly Garnished on a Large Platter for Convenience

Also Available Sliced & Put Back on Frame – Served for All Occasions